Top 10 digital transformation influencers that will change your world

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Isaac Sacolick - StarCIO

An author, president, CIO, a top 100 in CIO and digital transformer, and an agile innovator. There is nothing Isaac Sacolick can't do really. Currently spearheading StarCIO, Sacolick's main job there involves assessing product development, technology, cloud migrations, data science, agile transformation and being the interim CIO.

Sacolick has further written a book implementing this position in our top 10 list. The book is entitled "Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology". The book consists of teaching business people how to catch up and get ahead in a world where all enterprises are becoming digital.

Sacolick is also a blogger for, constantly updating his views and tips on digital transformation in his blog: "Driving Digital Transformation".

Brian Solis - Altimeter Group

Brian Solis is a bit of a celebrity. For anyone that knows, Solis is globally recognised as a thought leader in high demand. He can be found giving keynote lectures or tied to promotions of his books on innovation and digital transformation.

Asides from being critically acclaimed for his groundbreaking approaches to transformation, Solis also works as Altimeter Group's Principal Analyst, 'humanising' the technology people are in desperate need of seeing with different eyes to understand the benefits of.

Holger Mueller - Constellation Research

Holger Mueller is the VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. His specialties include the cloud, IaaS, Big Data, Analytics and SaaS development, also focused on the applicability to the practitioner.

Mueller's passion for digital transformation has led him to blogging on "Enterprise Software Musings by Holger Mueller", in which he discusses enterprise software and what steps forward to take with regard to ever-changing technologies.

Mueller is always on the look out for technology trends and what to grab or drop depending on the financial climate.

Maggie Fox - Globoforce

The CMO of Globoforce, Fox is behind the ensuring of a merge between technology and humanity from the marketing side of things. Part of her role is to constantly think of what the future of work will look like, what the horizon holds for us as digitalisation becomes so unanimous every aspect of it will feel automated.

She is a speaker on digital transformation and leadership, having founded Social Media Group, the first ever consultancy for social media.

Before her role at Globoforce, Fox had worked at SAP, executing a successful three-year digital transformation project that redefined its channels. It is this kind of dedication and drive that has brought her to the top of this list, constantly thinking of where humanity will stand with regard to technology and its role in business.

Michael Krigsman - CXOTALK

An industry analyst and the host of CXOTALK, the world knows Krigsman for his comforting and bright ideas, voiced over his show or analysis or even during his Keynote speeches.

Krigsman has conducted hundreds of live interviews, been referenced over 1000 times in media like the news or TV, his work has been referenced in over 50 books and has also been published in Wall Street Journal among other respected news sources and websites.

Only a fascinating career could precede and impressively massive list of accomplishments like that. Even now Krigsman continues to be a columnist for ZDNet, while also having honorary positions in Dartmouth's centre for digital strategies and IEEE's committee for a Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Design and AI.

Howard Tiersky - FROM

Tiersky is the CEO of a Digital Transformation Agency named FROM, looking over and running a team of 75 professionals across four continents to help companies grow revenue across digital channels. Their work ensures that many companies who would otherwise be left behind are not.

Tiersky is a renaissance man of digital transformation, focusing his efforts in many different parts of the innovating cycles of the world. He is involved with Funny Garbage, a pioneer in digital entertainment, Innovation Loft, an innovation consulting firm that hosts and facilitates strategic collaborative events, and Moving Interactive, a digital consultancy founded in 2008.

Sanjay Srivastava - GENPACT

Srivastava's responsibilities alone are enough to earn him a place on this list. As the CDO of GENPACT, he has to overlook a +70,000 employee global public corporation, constantly on the forefront of assuring all actions digital are executed responsibly and effectively by all.

If that alone doesn't seem like enough, Sanjay Srivastava has also built four startups, all four of which delivered above-market returns for shareholders in internet streaming technologies, data centre visualisation software, enterprise application software and cloud business applications. It's safe to say Srivastava sits comfortably in a position that demands much duty and devotion, but also much recognition.

Rob Llewellyn - McKesson Europe AG / CXO Transform

Rob Llewellyn currently works as both a Transformation Advisor for McKesson Europe AG and as the founder of CXO Transform. Before that he was a Digital Transformation Advisor for Sage, so from the last three positions he has had could say Llewellyn is interested in digital transformation.

His role extends to other companies who need people like Llewellyn more than ever, meaning he has helped people like Cisco, GE, MetLife, Jaguar, Vodafone, Telstra and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

Llewellyn has said: "When it comes to transformation and change I've done and seen a lot. The good, the bad and the ugly. Nowadays I provide advice and guidance on how to avoid "The Great Digital Illusion", "Digital Sugar Coating" and the minefield of pitfalls that over 70% fall into when attempting transformation.

Whether the underlying technology is S/4 HANA, low-code development on a cloud platform or otherwise, I help leaders discard any technology blinkers that might be compromising their odds of business transformation success."

Dion Hinchcliffe - Constellation Research

Another internationally recognised thought leader (so many celebs!), IT expert, business strategist, enterprise architect, book author, Keynote speaker, analyst and transformation consultant.

That big mouthful solidifies Dion Hinchcliffe's image as a veteran in enterprise IT, having worked two decades with leading-edge methods to continually connect technology with business so that the latter does not fall behind once the former periodically explodes with innovations.

Just like Holger Mueller, Hinchcliffe is also a VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research!

Sandeep Raut - Going Digital

Sandeep Raut is the Founder & CEO of Going Digital, named in several different sites of repute like IDG as their top 10 or 7 or 15 in being a digital transformation influencer.

For three decades Raut dedicated himself to IT services, consulting and off-shoring experience, helping organisations everywhere to establish digital methods that would later help or even save their firms.

Raut is further responsible for spearheading, initiating and successfully deploying several strategic consulting services and solutions, such as Digital Transformation, BI Strategy and BI Development/Deployment (which resulted in a multi-million dollar business).