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Em360° tech videos bring you the latest issues and topics addressed within our main tech categories, we get the latest from experts in each field and bring you interviews, features and reviews.. please feel free to browse our videos and get in touch if you would like to work with us on a video..

Evolution of Collaborationvideo

Interview: The Evolution of Collaboration

Russell Harpman, Director EMEA Revolabs provides insight into the evolution of collaboration trends.
video conferencingvideo

Interview: Video Conferencing in the Cloud

John Tracey, Director of Cloud,  Starleaf Provides insight into integrating Skype for business and your current video conferencing deployment into one within the cloud.
wireless connectivityvideo

Interview: Sharing Screens with Wireless Connectivity

Michael Vanderheeren, Product Manager, Clickshare  Barco provides insight into the role of IT in the enterprise and show of their new wireless connectivity collaboration product.

Interview: Canon and the Collaboration Space.

Colin Boyle, Product Marketing Specialist, Canon Europe provides insight into the future of AV & IT convergence for the enterprise and the main challenges Canon are seeing in the collaboration space.
Unstructured Datavideo

Data Lake: Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data

Data Lake: Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data
unified communicationsvideo

Interview: The moving world of modern business

Didier Jaubert, CEO from Arkadin provides insight into the moving world of modern business after his speech at ISE Amsterdam 2017.
intel security automationvideo

Intel Security: Automation is solution to skills shortage

Nigel Bolt, Vice President UK & Ireland, Intel Security discusses the increasingly complex cyber security landscape, with over half a million cyber threats now occurring daily.
the future of workvideo

Interview: Future of Work Collaboration

Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA of Oblong Industries, discusses the future of work, collaboration and how to engage Millennials with EM360.

Interview: The FinTech Forecast with Neira Jones

We spoke to Neira Jones, Independent Advisor in the FinTech and Cybersecurity industries, to discover her predicted trends of the FinTech industry.
lean and agile developmentvideo

Ocado adopts lean and agile development practices

There are at least two ways to manage a software project. One is what might be called the “traditional” way, then there is the agile way.
wireless collaborationvideo

Interview: ‘It’s Software Eating Hardware’

In this video EM360°Tech spoke to the CTO & Founder of Mersive, Christopher Jaynes, at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam to find out all about what Mersive are doing in the wireless collaboration space with their custom-built enterprise software, Solstice.
flexible workforcevideo

Better Ways of Working: Vodafone UK Case Study

In 2009, Vodafone UK introduced their Better Ways of Working project to enable their employees to work in a more flexible environment.
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IoT SW Barcelona - October 2017
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