Infinipoint - Rethinking Workforce Access: Augmenting Authentication with Zero Device Trust

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The conventional method for managing workforce access is broken.

The sheer volume of users, passwords, devices, and identities requesting access to company resources and SaaS apps is overwhelming. This leads to a significant problem known as identity sprawl. 

A survey found that 67% of IT leaders know they have identity sprawl, but don’t know how to fully address it. That same report revealed that 60% of organizations have over 21 disparate identities per user. These two challenges leave the door open to many potential attacks. 

To combat security threats, organizations have started developing zero trust strategies and methods of implementing them into five main pillars.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Access Sprawl: Account Takeovers on the Rise
  • 6 Major Breaches and How They Could Have Been Prevented 
  • Move Beyond Traditional Authentication Methods
  • Access Done Right with Zero Device Trust