Pimcore: 8 MDM & PIM Challenges You Can’t Ignore

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mdm pim challenges

As management of data, of any kind or for any purpose gets trickier owing to siloed systems, untraceable data sources, traditional IT landscapes or processes—efficiency of enterprise master data and product information takes a direct hit, which in turn breeds inconsistency, redundancy, and inept business intelligence. 

While Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) can significantly improve the situation, there are a plethora of obstacles enterprises face throughout their execution.

Read this whitepaper, as it factors in some critical issues during PIM-MDM implementation and how to iron them out to suit the enterprise purpose. Here’s a list:

  • How to use data from an ERP system?
  • How to ensure consistency and uniformity of data in external appearance and communication, efficiently and effectively?
  • How to create a single place for data, offer a consistent experience to customers on any device and any channel?
  • How to manage and get insights on data quality. Also, how to make the process of data quality improvement more efficient?
  • How to ensure that the data meets the laws and regulations?
  • How to distribute data to the customer?
  • How to create magazines, leaflets and brochures, quickly and inexpensively?
  • How to create an API driven IT architecture? And why it should be done?