Radware: Behavioral Burst-Attack Protection

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radware behavioral burst attack protection

Common DDoS attacks come in the form of sustained, high-volume traffic floods that ramp up gradually, reach a peak, and are then followed by either a slow or a sudden descent.

In recent years, a new attack pattern has emerged. Burst attacks, also known as hit-and-run DDoS, use repeated short bursts of high-volume attacks at random intervals. Each short burst can last only few seconds, while a burst attack campaign can span hours and even days. These attacks unleash hundreds of gigabits per second of throughput toward its the victim. To combat burst attacks effectively and efficiently, a protection strategy needs to combine several capabilities:

This paper introduces Radware’s new Behavioral Burst-Attack Protection that is part of Radware’s DDoS protection technology included in Radware’s DefensePro, which addresses the challenges that burst attacks impose, combining the necessary ingredients into a complete and scalable protection for both on-premises and hybrid deployments.