Ask the Expert: Tim Callan, Senior Fellow at Sectigo

Tim Callan, Senior Fellow at Sectigo

This week’s Ask the Expert is with Tim Callan, Senior Fellow at Sectigo, the world’s largest commercial certificate authority. Tim is well-versed in strategic marketing and works on Sectigo’s standards and practices efforts, industry relations, product roadmap, and go-to-market strategy. 

In today’s episode, Tim lends his expertise on DevOps and certificate management. In particular, Tim walks us through the costs associated with certificate management. Furthermore, he advises on how to stay on top of certificates, which can often be an overwhelming task. Also, Tim explores the perceptions of the management tools currently available. Finally, given the growth of cloud, mobile, and IoT, Tim shares his predictions for the future of certificate management.

“Gone are the days where an it professional with a spreadsheet can keep on top of all the certificates in your enterprise”

“Embrace automation. It is really the only path forward that’s pragmatic for a current enterprise”