Inriver: Why Start Digital Transformation with PIM?

Among the most important decisions for any digital transformation strategy are deciding on the right foundational systems for collecting, organizing and updating employee, customer, product and financial data.

As an executive leading the data transformation, you might be sorely tempted to focus on flashy quick-hit projects and overlook the functionality and integrated state of the foundational systems. However, if you don’t make upgrades to these foundational systems one of your highest priorities, you will not have the level of success you and your company need.These foundational systems can be transformation accelerators for your business. A new product information management solution (PIM) is one of those core foundational solutions you must implement in the early phases of your digital transformation journey.

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  • How PIM helps to accelerate your digital transformation journey.
  • How you can rapidly capitalize on the content enrichment and workflow automation capabilities offered by a PIM.
  • How PIM allows you to be a full participant in all omnichannel opportunities in the market.