Trend Micro: How to Facilitate Difficult Discussions with C-Level Executives

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As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integral to business operations, enterprises face new risks from Shadow AI—unauthorised or unmanaged AI tools and projects that bypass standard security protocols. The potential consequences of Shadow AI are severe, introducing vulnerabilities, compromising data integrity, and leading to compliance breaches, posing significant threats to the organization's overall security framework.

For C-level executives, understanding the impact of Shadow AI is not just crucial, but it's your responsibility to safeguard your enterprise's AI investments. Unauthorized AI projects can undermine strategic initiatives and expose the company to significant risks. By implementing comprehensive governance policies, strict access controls, and continuous monitoring, you can mitigate these risks effectively. Foster a culture of security awareness and ensure regular audits to maintain compliance and protect data integrity. Proactively addressing Shadow AI not only secures your AI assets but also aligns them with your business objectives, enhancing your competitive edge and ensuring sustainable growth. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Chris Steffen, VP of Research at EMA speaks to Shannon Murphy, Global Security & Risk Strategist at Trend Micro, to discuss:

  • Shadow AI
  • C-level execs
  • Zero Trust
  • AI risk
  • Security strategies


00:00 - Introduction and Background

02:06 - Challenges of Shadow AI

03:00 - Visibility in Managing AI Risks

06:18 - Protecting Against AI-Driven Threats with Zero Trust

09:03 - Zero Trust as a Journey

13:17 - Talking to CISOs: Anecdotes Becoming Trends

19:14 - Emerging Use Cases for AI in SOC Teams

20:08 - Conclusion

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