Revolut: Machine Learning and Fraud Detection

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The EM360 team headed to Big Data LDN, an event that took attendees “to intelligence and beyond.” After four years, the event was bigger and better than ever, welcoming pioneers, experts, speakers, exhibitors, and more from all around the globe.

At the event, Max caught up with Dmitri Lihhatsov, Financial Crime Product Owner at Revolut. Dmitri spoke at the event to discuss how he built his platform, Sherlock, using Couchbase’s NoSQL database. Used by Revolut, Sherlock is a machine learning-based fraud detection system that monitors the transactions of over 8 million customers, protecting them from theft. 

In the interview, Dmitri explained the ways that machine learning can bolster fraud detection. He also outlines the role data plays in today’s threat landscape. Finally, Dmitri offers advice to companies who are hesitant to integrate ML models due to existing operations.