Meet Richie Etwaru, the man trying to protect your 31st data human right

The visionary founder and CEO of seeks to make your data your proprietary right, an inherent fundamental right

richie etwaru data human right

Every once in a while you run into a mission and an individual so impressive they simply cannot be ignored. Richie Etwaru is one such person and his mission even more so.

Etwaru is a business executive, an author, a global keynote speaker, an adjunct professor and a patent holder in “Trusted Commerce”. He has held c-level roles at Fortune 500 companies for two decades and currently serves as an adviser to venture capitalists, startups, governments, academia, and large organisations on transitioning to Trust Companies.

However, all of his achievements pale in comparison to the impact that his new project is set to have. Etwaru is founder and CEO of the world’s first and only organisation developing human rights on blockchains called

“The vision of is a world where the next generation of human rights and policies emerge from a balance of centralised power and decentralised technologically empowered communities. The mission is to create the 31st human right in a decentralised manner as an example for other organisations and visionaries to follow,” states the visionary organisation.

In this eye-opening interview, Etwaru discusses how he decided to launch after his own experience with data abuse and explains the proprietary technology his organisation wants to use to protect your data rights. The intrepid founder analyses how disruptive his mission may be to businesses if successful and outlines how will help the transition.

Most importantly, Etwaru reveals the future dangers of living in a world where data is not our inherent human right, the importance of getting this right in the crucial next few years and the data concerns that keep him up at night. Spoiler alert: they will keep you up too! Luckily, may just protect us all.

Data is the fuel of the intelligence revolution.

We don’t have to change the laws, we have to change the interpretation of the laws.

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