GDPR information securityvideo

Interview: GDPR – Who owns your information?

‘We're trusting companies to keep our information safe,’ says BH Consulting CEO, Brian Honan. Join EM360° as we sit down with Brian and discuss the main issues with GDPR, what happens if...
cloud market

Microsoft making almost $19 bn from commercial cloud

Microsoft has made almost $19 billion from the commercial cloud market, the company said in an earnings announcement this week.  The Windows OS company said its commercial cloud annualised revenue run rate...
augmented vision

Augmented vision more important than Pokémon Go game

At first glance, a gamer playing Pokémon Go has little in common with a surgeon saving lives in an operating theatre. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that might...

Will automation remove humans from most workplaces?

There are conflicting reports about whether automation will reduce the number of humans in workplaces, with some saying that artificial intelligence systems will virtually eliminate the need for human input, while...
iphone pic

iPhone may be coming out next month, rumours suggest

With a billion iPhones currently floating around Earth, it’s understandable that any news about a new version of the device generates so much interest.  The next iPhone will be the eighth in...
generative design

Generative design may make most designers unemployed

Imagine a piece of software that can design things for you according to your instructions.  So, say, you want to design a chair. You could tell the software that you want the...
google glass 3

Manufacturing, medicine new markets for Google Glass

About four years ago, when Google first showed off its Glass product – a pair of hi-tech spectacles capable of running augmented reality apps – it was met with some scepticism,...
Rean Cloud Acquires 47Lining

REAN Cloud Acquires 47Lining. Also featuring: Cisco, Accenture, Arcserve and Teradata

REAN Cloud Acquires AWS Big Data Firm 47Lining REAN Cloud, an AWS Premier Partner and global Cloud Systems Integrator, has acquired 47Lining, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in the big data space. 47Lining...

Microsoft aims to make blockchain main money-spinner

Microsoft is aiming to make blockchain its main money-spinner going forward because it’s the technology that cryptocurrencies are based on, and what the banking system is increasingly looking into adopting.  Goldman Sachs,...
quantum computing

Communicating the quantum computing paradigm shift

Binary computers helped us to get connected with an entirely new realm of opportunities and possibilities. It took a lot of effort and time to build a computer which can execute...
machine-to-machine comms

Interview with Bosch’s machine-to-machine comms boss

In this interview, Stefan Hartung, a senior member of the board at Bosch, talks extensively about the industrial internet, detailing some of the components and devices the company uses to give...
quantum computer

Team builds ‘world’s most advanced quantum computer’

A team of scientists comprising Russians and Americans has built what it claims is the world’s most powerful quantum computer. The team, which is based at Harvard University in the US, says...
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The Changing Workspace: People, Process & Technology

Oliver Bendig, CEO at Matrix42 spoke to us about how he sees the future of the workspace, as technology continues to drastically impact a...