Ontotext: Knowledge Graphs - The Key to Unlocking Hidden Insights

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ontotext knowledge graph

Ever wonder how search engines understand the difference between "apple," the fruit, and the tech company? It's all thanks to knowledge graphs! These robust and scalable databases map real-world entities and link them together based on their relationships. 

Imagine a giant web of information where everything is connected and easy to find. Knowledge graphs are revolutionizing how computers understand and process information, making it richer and more relevant to our needs. 

Ontotext is a leading provider of knowledge graph technology, offering a powerful platform to build, manage, and utilise knowledge graphs for your specific needs. Whether you're looking to enhance search capabilities, improve data analysis, or unlock new insights, Ontotext can help you leverage the power of connected information.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, George Firican, Founder of LightsOnData, speaks to Sumit Pal, Strategic Technology Director at Ontotext, to discuss: 

  • Knowledge Graphs 
  • Use Cases 
  • Ontotext GraphDB
  • Integration of AI 
  • Industry best practices



00:00 - Introduction
00:32 - What is a Knowledge Graph?
06:09 - Case Studies in Various Industries
13:05 - Integrating AI Technologies with Knowledge Graphs
23:50 - Conclusion

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