Top 10 women changing the landscape of data in 2022

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Top 10 women changing the landscape of data in 2022

Back in 2014, Debra Logan, VP and analyst at Gartner, published a blog post estimating that approximately 100 large companies had invested in a new role: the chief data officer. Women held around 25% of the positions. For context, just 13% of chief information officers were female in 2014.

From the onset, women have continued to thrive in the world of data. Here are the Top 10 women changing the landscape of data this year:

Inma Martinez - Leading Digital Media Strategist

A pioneer in the data analytics industry since the 2000s, Inma Martinez is one of the world's leading digital media strategists. Currently, Martinez is a Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures, Imperial College's tech-sciences innovation accelerator, where she mentors data sciences and product innovation projects. In addition, she also consults as a Data Scientist on data analysis projects that focus on human behaviour modelling. Speaking at the 2018 Information Builders Summit last week, Martinez offered invaluable insights into the ethical use of data, IoT, smart cities, and AI.

Kate Strachnyi - Data Visualisation, Deloitte

Self-professed "data-cated" professional, Kate Strachnyi is an author, host, and data visualisation specialist. Strachnyi's first book, Journey to Data Scientist, offers a series of more than twenty interviews with the industry's leading data scientists. Strachnyi also founded a video series entitled Humans of Data Science (HoDS), in an attempt to "get to know the individuals behind data science." In her day job, Strachnyi is transforming the way we think about reporting in Deloitte Advisory by enabling real-time data access to leadership, which in turn leads to quicker insights. 

Helena Schwenk - Research Manager, Big Data & Analytics

Helena Schwenk is a commercially driven data expert with over 20 years of industry experience. Former data warehousing and BI practitioner, Schwenk has spent the past 15 years specialising in data and analytics.


At present, Schwenk works in the Big Data and analytics software group at IDC Europe where she focuses on covering developments in the BI, advanced and predictive analytics, data visualisation, and analytic application markets. Schwenk regularly presents at conferences and seminars, and contributes her insights to a number of top media titles.

Leyre Murillo Villar - CDO, Data Control Lead

With over nine years of international experience, Leyre Murillo Villar currently leads the Data Control Function within the Global Markets Chief Data Office. Murillo Villar started her career in practice before joining BNP Paribaas, after working in different teams across Audit, Risk, Finance, IT & Architecture, Compliance, Operations and Data Analysis areas. Murillo Villar is "passionate about data" and possesses a "deep knowledge of Retail and Investment Banking end-to-end processes and of efficient implementation of Chief Data Office components." It is evident that Murillo Villar has strong experience in delivering CDO function capabilities, alongside managing multidisciplinary teams and projects.

Donna Burbank - Managing Director, Global Data Strategy

Donna Burbank is a recognised industry expert, with over 20 years of experience in data management and enterprise architecture. Burbank is currently Managing Director of Global Data Strategy, an international data management consulting company. As an active contributor to the data management community, Burbank is a DAMA International member, Past President and Advisor to the DAMA Rocky Mountain chapter, and was recently awarded the Excellence in Data Management Award from DAMA International in 2016. Burbank is a pro at helping organisations transform and optimise their businesses through data and technology.

Rebecca Wynn - Head of Information Security & Data Protection Officer

Dr. Rebecca Wynn is a “big picture” thinker with almost 20 years of experience in Information Security, Assurance & Technology. Wynn currently has enterprise-level responsibility for all data, security planning, implementation and overall security operations at Matrix Medical Networks. Wynn is currently leading the crafting, implementation, and continual testing and improvement of a comprehensive security program, in order to ensure that Matrix Medical Network has taken all steps to secure its customer and business data. In addition, Wynn recently participated in our Ask the Expert feature, alongside the first female White House CIO, Theresa Payton.

Payal Jain - Commercial & Analytical Executive & Chair of Women in Data UK

Managing Director and Chair of Women in Data 2017, Payal Jain lives and breathes data. Jain was formerly Managing Director, Strategic Analytics at Barclaycard Europe, and is a dedicated champion of data and diversity. In 2016, Jain was awarded the prestigious title of No.1 Data Titan in The DataIQ Big Data 100. In a 2015 interview, Jain declared that "having insight of the data is a very privileged position with the ability truly to impact the business performance positively."

Debra Logan - VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner Research

Debra Logan initiated the conversation surrounding women in data with her 2014 Gartner Research. Logan covers strategic information management topics in the Data and Analytics IT Leaders team, as well as being the Chief of Research. Logan also covers the Office of the Chief Data Officer and other new and emerging roles in the digital economy. According to the seasoned researcher, diversity and inclusion in data and analytics fuels innovation on the path to digital transformation.

Rachel Keane - Co-Founder, Women in Data UK

With an excess of 8 years of experience recruiting in Data and Analytics, Rachel is both an entrepreneur and consultant of the highest kind. Being a managing consultant for nearly a decade over at Datatech Analytics, her experience gradually built up as a data guru of sorts. Datatech have assisted the UK's leading Data Scientists, Analysts, Statisticians with their careers, whilst supplying data focussed organisations with cutting edge Data and Analytical professionals.

Roisin McCarthy - Co-Founder, Women in Data UK

A fellow Datatech colleague and co-founder, Roisin has over 18 years of experience recruiting in Data and Analytics, making her a seasoned veteran in the game of data. Her work in the data industry lead her to co-found Women in Data UK with Rachel Keane, the largest event in the UK promoting women in the data sector, forming bonds and relationships geared to push innovative voices ahead and praise the achievements of those have not been recognised for their triumphs with data. We have tailored/assisted the UK's leading Data Scientists, Analysts, Statisticians with their careers, whilst supplying data focused organisations with cutting edge Data and Analytical professionals. To see what data companies are treading new ground in 2018, check this Top 10 out.